Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fingers Crossed...

A stange week here...not much knitting getting done, and I'm not sure why. Ever had one of those weeks that seems really hectic, but when you try and account for your time, or tell someone what you've been up to, you're not really sure? If so, you'll know how I'm feeling!

Clapotis is nearly finished, but we've hit a snag- I'm one third of the way through the decrease rows and have run out of yarn. GASP! But how can it be? I bought six skeins of ArtYarns supermerino, which from memory gave me about 50 yards or so more than the requirement specified in the pattern. Because I knew I'd be cutting it a tad fine, I acutally did a gauge swatch, which was pretty spot on. Am I missing something that I should have learned in knitting 101? I can't figure out why I am off so much...ANYWAY, I have orderd one more skein, it should arrive tomorrow or Monday. The original label did not specify dye lots, so Iam holding my breath and wishing and hoping..

That being said, instead of another photo of clapotis looking very much like she did last time only bigger, may I present the first gauge swatch (unblocked) for the Mauve skirt from Rowan mag 36 (link in sidebar). Rowan Yorkshire tweed 4ply, colour blessed.

Mauve skirt

I am pretty happy with the swatch, although of course am now wondering if i should look for some other motif patterns- it doesn't really matter what the design of the motif is, as long as it is about the same size...why am I using a pattern? Yes, evertyone who knows me, that's right. Ms. "gotta have a pattern" is about to throw caution to the wind. Maybe.

PS: What's up with blogger? I view this at home, and my sidebar is in the correct place), but when view on my work computer it appears below everything else. Is that me or my template? Am considering a change to typepad...can't justify the $, even though it is not much, until I have time to make the blog all pretty!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

They Really Do Multiply!

A while ago I made a bunny using Kate Gilbert's pattern (link in sidebar), and since then, have been seeing patterns and bunny inspiration everywhere. It's a fitting day to post the two new additions:

New Additions

First up, Little Rabbit, from the Debbie Bliss book Toy Knits. I used a 4 ply with US#1 needles, and he prefers a cravat rather than a sweater.

I'm late, I'm late...luckily he made it just in time for the photo shoot!

I'm late, I'm late...

Little Rabbit

Secondly, HeartStrings Fiber Arts Rabbit. A great pattern, especially for kids- so quick and easy, but very clever...just a 6" square, + ears. This reminds me of the marshmallow rabbits we made at Easter when I was growing up! This was a boucle & eyelash yarn held together.

Square Bunny

And the gang all together...

Bunny Family Album

I can't wait to see all the other rabbit interpretations...HAPPY SPRING! (I know it's out there, somewhere)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Siren Call...

I am exhausted...I haven't had much knitting time in the evenings this week, but have been waking at 4am for the last three mornings. I TRY not to open my eyes, I TRY to keep my head clear, I TRY not to get up, but I can't help it. I KNOW clapotis is waiting for me, calling from the knitting bag. That's right, I have been up somewhere between 4 & 5am everyday this week, to knit. I never dreamed it would come to this. Is there a cure, or do I just need to finish it? Luckily, it shouldn't be long- I have one repeat of section three to go, and I'll be on the downhill run. Here she is:

Section 3 Almost Complete

And a [fuzzy] close up:

Clapotis Close Uo

Oh, and prior to being woken by the sirens, I've been dreaming of bunnies (who hasn't?)...a whole family in different shapes and sizes...stay tuned.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Stash Enhancement!

Just a quick one as all I have to show on the knitting front is more clapotis. It seems like all the LYS's are having their winter sales...On Thursday some friends from work & I made a pilgrimage to one of my favourites. I almost had to be escorted out of the shop after I threw myself on top of the baskets of Rowan- 30%-50% off...

Stash Enhancement

Here's what I picked up: some odd balls of yorkshire tweed 4ply to swatch up for the Mauve Skirt from Rowan Mag 36 (still deciding on a colour but am leaning toward blessed) and will be making the shorter version. 3 balls of kid silk haze in meadow. Not sure what this will become, was thinking a birch, but have made a late switch to the cowl & camisole from Weekend Knitting...also picked up 2 skeins of orange stuff, for the making of "a little orange creature", as requested by a friend. I also bought a copy of the Beach Cool book. It's not my usual style, but there are a couple of items in there I really liked, plus, I really loved the styling & colours in the book. That's a good enough reason to buy it, right?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Clapotis Progress...

It's been a busy week, so not much knitting getting done unfortunately. I did manage to get my hands on a copy of the second series of The Office, though, so have had a couple of VERY late nights watching that, and making some headway on Clapotis at the same time. I love the way the colours in the yarn are presenting themselves, although this photo doesn't show them well at all.


This close up gives a slightly better idea.

Clapotis Close Up

I can't wait to finish and give it a light blocking/steaming to straighten the dropped stitch bars a little. I can tell already that I'll want to wear this CONSTANTLY. I'm already throwing it over my shoulder as I knit!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just one more...

A final Maki photo...this is the most soft, most warm thing I have ever made. Will be back later tonight with the progress on clapotis.

Maki Full Shot

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Maki Maki...Fini Fini

Well, can you believe that the Maki scarf (Rowan Mag 36) was finished back in November, and I have been avoiding weaving in the ends since then. WHY? This morning it took me 45mins. Hmmmm, the universe giving me ANOTHER lesson in the psychology of procrastination? Here is a photo pre-blocking (it is pinned to the bed right now). It was my first ever crochet project. Yes, crazy, I know, to choose a project in such fine yarn, but luckily I had a great teacher who encouraged me, rather than dulling my enthusiasm by telling me I should start with something 'more suitable for a beginner' [read: something I wasn't really interested in]. The colour doesn't show very well- it is Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Dewberry.

On knitting, I started clapotis...and it (is it a he or a she? I can't decide) is just rocking along. So much fun to knit. I've just dropped my first row of stitches, so photos of that next...

Maki Before Blocking

And a close up of the motif...

Maki Close Up

Friday, March 11, 2005


Thank goodness- the ruffle scarf (aka spiral or pasta scarf) is finally finished! Don't get me wrong, I love the scarf, love the colour etc etc, but it just went on for ever and ever...this was Jaeger Luxury Tweed (2 balls), and I really like to subtle interest that the "tweed" effect gives the overall fabric...

(The llama won't stay away from the camera)...

Ruffle Scarf

Here's a close up...

Ruffle Scarf Close Up

Now I can finally start clapotis (am I the last person out there who hasn't finished at least one?)...and hopefully continue on Karis...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Couldn't Wait!

Unfortunately not too much knitting getting done this weekend, although other good things instead. Saw Finding Neverland which I LOVED...I haven't cried so much in ages. Definitely worth seeing, I think. I love it when a movie makes you want to find out more...I want to re-read Peter Pan, and also would love to know more about the author. But, enough of's what has happened on the needles.

The ruffle scarf is neverending! I'm using Jaeger Luxury Tweed, and honestly, that yarn goes on FOREVER! I was reluctant to pick up Karis, as it would just mean prolonging the scarf. AND, I swore I wouldn't start Clapotis. Well, technically, I didn't. I just wound one skein of the yarn and made a swatch. That doesn't count does it? I'm using ArtYarns Supermerino in colour 105. This yarn is lovely- it is so soft, and also really springy and bouncy...I can't wait to get started. I don't usually make a gauge swatch (well, I haven't really needed to), but as I purchased 6 skeins, leaving me, about 15 feet to spare, I wanted to make sure I was on target. I hit the gauge specified in the pattern, so fingers crossed! I've read about a few people making it in the same yarn who need 8 skeins. My budget doesn't stretch as well as the yarn! Here are the pictures.

Beautiful yarn waiting to be wound...

Supermerino Yarn

The swatch..this is so nice to knit with, I just wanted to keep knitting the swatch!

Supermerino Swatch

Hopefully more finished projects next time...seeing Karis take shape (slowly) has inspired me to finally weave in the ends and block the Maki scarf from Rowan Mag 36.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Menagerie Grows...

At first he was a little coy...

Llama Headshot

but after a few minutes in front of the camera, he was posing like a pro...

Llama Full Body

I'm not sure why I am so keen on knitting toys at the moment, as I was never really into stuffed animals per se, I had a couple of favourites as a child, and that was it. I do really enjoy knitting them, I guess because they are small, and fairly quick to finish, plus, in the patterns I've tried so far, I've learnt at least one new technique or skill with each of them I also love how they come to life with the face, and you never really know what their personality will be like until their face is sewn on.

The pattern is a fiber trends pattern, which can be found here. I mail ordered mine from the Acorn Street Shop. I have purchased from them a few times, and they are so helpful and very quick.

On other knitting news, I have restarted Karis, who is now growing slowly but steadily, and I received my yarn for clapotis...HOWEVER, I am not allowing myself to start on that until I have finished the ruffle/spiral scarf, which will hopefully be early next week..

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Llama Bathtime...

It is freezing here at the moment, so the llama jumped (or would have, if he was not an inanimate object) at the opportunity for a hot he is in the kitchen sink last night (apologies for out of focus shot- my teeth must have been chattering!).

Llama Bath 2

I picked up the washboard for $9 at a hardware store. It is fantastic for felting- so much quicker and less hassle than the washing machine in my building (not to mention, no quarters required). He is now dry after a night hanging out on the radiator taunting the cat, and is looking very dapper, just waiting to be stuffed and bestowed with speech & sight capabilities.

Karis is inching along at the moment, still on the collar section. Hang on, who am I kidding? She has come to a complete halt, as I have dropped a stitch and am reluctant to go back and rip a couple of rows. I always have a terrible time trying to get eveything back on the needle correctly when you are dealing with so many yarn overs and k2tog, be they through front or back loops. Sooooo, what to do? Something else of course....I am the queen of avoidance. Ages ago I bought some blue sky alpacas organic cotton. It is so soft, and I love that the colours are as the cotton is grown- no dye at all. Anyway, have crocheted these face cloths from the Interweave crochet edition. Quick & easy, and will make a good housewarming gift:

Face Washers