Tuesday, August 22, 2006


First recycled knit/yarn foray.

A while ago I was reading a lot about recycling thrift store sweaters for yarn (see here and here), and have been wanting to try it. So, last time I went to Village Thrift, I was specifically on the look-out for a piece of knitwear I could unravel. Being summer, knitwear seemed to be in short supply, but I did find this.

30c Sweater

60 cents, and yellow tags were 50% off that day, so I got it for 30c. Originally I had planned to just unravel the whole thing and knit something else, but as I began to take it apart,


some new ideas began to form. Here are the by-products after the unraveling: (Click on photo to go to Flickr & view notes)

All in a heap

I’m hoping to be able to post an ‘after’ photo in a week or two showing the final bounty produced from one sweater, for 30c. Stayed tuned.


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