Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have issues. Spatial issues. I’ve recently moved, and am still trying to get everything set up and situated. I have what was referred to by the leasing agent as a ‘multipurpose room’…supposedly able to be used as an office, spare bedroom, etc etc. However, I doubt it could ever be used as a bedroom, as the HVAC is situated in there and is fairly noisy. I'm planning on using it as the craft room. So…here is what it looks like currently - gah, what a disaster:



It is small, but the main problem comes with the actual layout:

Spatial Issue #1: The two doors you see. The one on the left is the coat closet, which I would like to keep fairly clear of general storage, and only for winter coats, hats, etc, plus the ironing board etc. The door on the right is actually the HVAC closet, so access to that needs to be kept open. **Little Annoyance: Why have they used two completely different doors side by side? It upsets to my virgoan sense of symmetry!

Spatial Issue #2: is that there is no door between the ‘room’ and the hall, so when you enter the apartment, this is literally the first thing you see…an entrance of sorts.

I’m tossing up between two looks- one with a fairly modern Scandinavian line, and the other a bit more eclectic. Of course, all of this needs to be done on a tight budget. I need to keep the shelving you see- it is relatively new, and required for all those boxes. I am planning on making a fabric cover for it out- maybe a fairly plain calico with some appliqué or a basic stencil. My only new purchases will be a desk, chair and maybe a couple of wall mounted shelves. So, I think the desk will dictate the feel of the room. To that end, I have narrowed it down to two possible candidates. They are both relatively narrow, which is a requirement for the position of sewing/craft table in this space. While the first one is slightly more my aesthetic, with the very simple, square lines, the other one has simple ‘turned’ legs- a bit more farmhouse style. Like a lot of people, I have a thing for mixing styles. I can see the second style paired with a very modern style chair.

I'm off to Ikea on the weekend and will hopefully be coming home wiht a desk (and some extra shelf pieces). I'm also planning a trip to the swedish shop here in Chicago to see if I can get some ideas...I'm fairly inspired by this candlestick I just found on sale at West Elm...I'm not one for bright yellow, but this has really taken my fancy. I think it is that 70's/swedish thing...maybe I've been listening to too much Abba?? Hhhmmm, maybe that's my REAL issue?



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