Sunday, September 18, 2005

Attention Seeker

After finishing a long list of outstanding projects last week (cardigan, booties, two rabbits, a long i-cord, wrist cuff), I was finally "allowed" to cast on for my first pair of socks. I was so excited- I have had the yarn (regia) for ages, bought the needles at Stitches MidWest a few weeks ago, and it has all been burning a hole in my project basket. So, last Thursday I sat down to cast on, and watch a mini-series from home I'd ordered from netflix for the occasion. Well, three rows into my first ever sock, I thought a cup of tea was in order...when I got back to the couch, this is what I found....

No Knitting, Thank You!

A certain furry flat-mate giving me the unmistakable message that she is none too happy with all the knitting and subsequent lack of attention (lack of chin-scratching time) lately. Do I need to mention that as a result of this "sit-in", my sock is still only three rows done, but I have a very contented cat....


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