Friday, April 08, 2005

What was I thinking?

After nearly a week working on the theory outlined in my previous post, I've decided I really AM crazy! Ah well, all well laid plans...The beaded purse is a very slow knit, and this is all I have been able to manage (admittedly I haven't had a lot of knitting time this week):

Eight very pathetic rows...

Diana Started

Then there is Karis, and even though it is taking me a good deal of concentration, I've been enjoying it so far, HOWEVER, am thinking I might put this on ice until around August or September...I'll be more motivated to finish so I can wear it in Autumn! I really need something more mindless that I can pick up and work on while unwinding from work. What luck! Today while I was browsing around, I saw Wendy's kitty pi bed. Once I got home tonight, in keeping with my stash depletion efforts, I burrowed around through various baskets & garbage bags (I know, I know) and pulled out some options. In came the stash inspector (seen here perusing the possibilities):

Stash Inspector

We she decided to use these:

Kitty Pi Bed yarn

Some bulky yarn I ordered from, and a ball of Tahki Bunny for a trim. I originally purchased the handpainted yarn with some mittens and a hat in mind, but the colours were not quite as I expected. Lovely & soft, and still great colours, but not for my mittens.


Anonymous Anmiryam said...

Great color choices! Have fun, the Kitty Pi is a pretty quick knit, and the recipients seem to love them.

10:58 AM  

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