Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fingers Crossed...

A stange week here...not much knitting getting done, and I'm not sure why. Ever had one of those weeks that seems really hectic, but when you try and account for your time, or tell someone what you've been up to, you're not really sure? If so, you'll know how I'm feeling!

Clapotis is nearly finished, but we've hit a snag- I'm one third of the way through the decrease rows and have run out of yarn. GASP! But how can it be? I bought six skeins of ArtYarns supermerino, which from memory gave me about 50 yards or so more than the requirement specified in the pattern. Because I knew I'd be cutting it a tad fine, I acutally did a gauge swatch, which was pretty spot on. Am I missing something that I should have learned in knitting 101? I can't figure out why I am off so much...ANYWAY, I have orderd one more skein, it should arrive tomorrow or Monday. The original label did not specify dye lots, so Iam holding my breath and wishing and hoping..

That being said, instead of another photo of clapotis looking very much like she did last time only bigger, may I present the first gauge swatch (unblocked) for the Mauve skirt from Rowan mag 36 (link in sidebar). Rowan Yorkshire tweed 4ply, colour blessed.

Mauve skirt

I am pretty happy with the swatch, although of course am now wondering if i should look for some other motif patterns- it doesn't really matter what the design of the motif is, as long as it is about the same size...why am I using a pattern? Yes, evertyone who knows me, that's right. Ms. "gotta have a pattern" is about to throw caution to the wind. Maybe.

PS: What's up with blogger? I view this at home, and my sidebar is in the correct place), but when view on my work computer it appears below everything else. Is that me or my template? Am considering a change to typepad...can't justify the $, even though it is not much, until I have time to make the blog all pretty!


Anonymous Marcia said...

I love TypePad, now that I can find my way around! It doesn't take much time at all to "make it pretty" and little or no HTML. But, the wonky things that happen happen there, too! There are people who can't see half my buttons, even their own! It has to do with browsers. I am learning to live with it. (Gotta say, it's much easier to post photos.)

12:43 PM  
Blogger Anastacia said...

Very nice! Now I want to make the skirt. I love squares of all types... :)

My sidebar is always below the posts, too. I just have learned to ignore it... it used to bug me more.

12:55 PM  

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