Sunday, March 20, 2005

Stash Enhancement!

Just a quick one as all I have to show on the knitting front is more clapotis. It seems like all the LYS's are having their winter sales...On Thursday some friends from work & I made a pilgrimage to one of my favourites. I almost had to be escorted out of the shop after I threw myself on top of the baskets of Rowan- 30%-50% off...

Stash Enhancement

Here's what I picked up: some odd balls of yorkshire tweed 4ply to swatch up for the Mauve Skirt from Rowan Mag 36 (still deciding on a colour but am leaning toward blessed) and will be making the shorter version. 3 balls of kid silk haze in meadow. Not sure what this will become, was thinking a birch, but have made a late switch to the cowl & camisole from Weekend Knitting...also picked up 2 skeins of orange stuff, for the making of "a little orange creature", as requested by a friend. I also bought a copy of the Beach Cool book. It's not my usual style, but there are a couple of items in there I really liked, plus, I really loved the styling & colours in the book. That's a good enough reason to buy it, right?


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cool stash and i love your future projects!

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