Thursday, February 24, 2005

Short Row Project not Short Enough!!

Here's the progress on the spiral scarf, as modelled by Missy. I started this so I could practice short rows, and practice I have. It is supposed to be something ridiculous like 7 ft long. I've finished one ball of wool, and have a second one to go. I've decided that it will be however long that makes it, as I don't think I can stand the monotony any longer! And Mum, if you read this, I know what you're thinking, and YES, it is warmer than you think!!

Missy with Spiral Scarf

In an effort to relieve the boredom of the short rows, I have started Karis, from Rowan Magazine 36. I think know this will be a slow project, so if I am wearing it next Christmas, we shall consider it a success- OK?

I'm using Kid Silk Haze, colour Liqueur. Here are the first two repeats of the collar:

Karis Begins


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Just seen your knitting AND a photo of the famous MIssy. What are your next projects and have you got back to the shop yet?

Really too full of lunch and gin to say more but it's an internet first.
Lotsa love

11:38 PM  

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