Sunday, February 20, 2005

Finishing Days....

Well, a very productive weekend, and it is only 11am on Sunday morning! Decided I was going to pull out all stops to get some projects finished (really finished, not just off the needles). A lot of them involved felting, so I only have one lot of photos to show right now. I have finally finished my first Bags by Mags bag...the bag has been off the needles and felted for a LONG time now, but I finally sewed on the clasp, and button, and then made my own lining. The pattern doesn't call for lining, but I like it, and think it helps give it a finished look. What do you think?

The lining..


Detail of button & clasp...

Button & Clasp Detail

Finished product...

Bags by Mags

Other projects I got done were the Bags by Mags baguette bag (currently sitting on the radiator drying off), the secret project (!!!), also currently drying off. Photos of that as soon as I get the buttons on...I can't wait to show you. The llama also got another felting/fulling. He is dry now, but being the [sometime] virgoan perfectionist I am, I want to give him one more dunking. Instead of putting him in the machine, I tried it by hand in the kitchen sink, and think it is working much better. He is a hard one, because of the light coloured wool. I've also nearly finished (FINALLY) a belated Christmas pressie for Monica. Photos of that it is off for brunch at the Nugget, followed by a trip to Arcadia :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lining really does set it off - it looks sensational.

you mean ... I have to wait another day for the unveiling of the secret project..the suspense is killing me!!

how was the nugget? hope you and Monica had a pancake or two for me. :))

6:31 PM  

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