Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cranky Bunny...

It is cold and very dark and grey outside today...apparently snow tonight, Monday & Tuesday, although how much I'm not sure. Anyway, good weather to stay inside for the most part. Went and ran some errands this morning, then home to do some cleaning. Managed to finish a couple of projects. First up, the Latifa scarf (aka ruffles) which has been finished for some time, but I finally finished weaving in the ends this week while watching telly.


And a close up- colours are not good as it was taken at night...I need some help wtih the digi camera!

Latifa Close Up

Secondly, the Bunny. Sewed his face on yesterday, but think he looks quite angry. Possibly feeling some Bilby heat?


Finally, Monica's Christmas present. I sewed this with some stuff left over from lining purses. This is why I hate making things without patterns. I am soooo bad at getting things square. Anyway, it is for her to keep her knitting acoutrements in. Of course, back in November, I bought a tin of knitters hand balm, which I was going to slip inside. I was convinced I had put it in my present box, but of course, tried to find it half an hour ago, and it is nowhere to be found!

Monica's Pressie

And the lining...

Monica's Pressie Lining

Well, that is it for this week...have a good Monday!


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great scarf and i'm lovin' that bunny.

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