Friday, August 18, 2006


I mentioned previously that I went to Village Thrift last weekend. Oh how I love those stores. Besides the album cover I picked up a few additional items, leaving with a fairly eclectic haul, including this:

Village Skirt

Never worn, with all the tags! It is completely clean, no stains, but does look fairly crinkled, as I have not yet had it dry-cleaned but the fabric is gorgeous- a linen/silk blend. This photo does not do justice to the gorgeous colour. Fully lined with grosgrain ribbon facing on the seams. Check this out:

Dana Buchman


Original Tags- $168.00 at Saks!

Suggested Retail

And how much did I pay?


In case you can’t read that, it says $1.50. That’s right, One fifty. LOVE IT!


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