Monday, August 14, 2006

What to do next?

Right: Naramach is blocking tonight. I am now in the wonderful position to choose something else to work on. Do I choose to finish one or all of these WIPs: (click on photo and then roll over the image to view what each one is)


OR, do I choose from the huge list of other 'new' projects....??

Antigua Poncho (Have yarn already)
Crocheted Bedfellow (SnB Happy Hooker)
A Felted Cloche (Have yarn to use)
Paisley Carpet Bag (Have yarn already)
Moccasin Socks (Knitter's Almanac)
Karis (Started, but need to frog and begin again)

Not to mention these, that I have no yarn for:
Go-with-everything-cardy (Peace Fleece)
Indian Summer Jacket (Cotton yarn – would love to make for vacation)
Eunny’s Vest (Perfect for Fall, but am having a hard time choosing colours…)
Christmas Socks (3 pairs)

Oh, and on top of ALL that, I really want to design a new masthead for the blog, not to mention finish the re-decorating of the craft room.

Whew, I really need to break it down, y’all!

Please help!


Blogger Knit Witch said...

Whoa Nellie...I need a bex and a lie down after reading that. How can you possible make a decision, it's all so!

I love your new masthead. It reminds me of something...but I can't quite place it. And what can I say!!! Susie Llama is adorable. I've given her lots of chin scratches.

You are so clever. I LOVE your blog

4:09 AM  

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