Monday, April 11, 2005

Back in the Swing of Things...

Just a quick post to show the beginnings of the kitty pi bed, being closely guarded by it's eventual owner. This is my first ever piece using dpns, so I felt I needed to record it, even though I'm about to switch to the circulars. Once I got a few rounds in, I didn't feel so much like I had no fingers and was all thumbs, and really started enjoying it. Hmmmm, maybe there will be socks in my future after all?

Missy Pi Bed

Oh, and the ripple down effect from enjoying this piece of straight forward knitting is that miraculously when I picked up the beaded bag (see previous post), it suddenly didn't look so bad (I had felt it looked very uneven and EXTREMELY amateurish), and would you beleive it, after another ten rows, it is really flowing along, and with the weight of the beads, seems to have evened out and is sitting quite nicely, thank you very much!

Friday, April 08, 2005

What was I thinking?

After nearly a week working on the theory outlined in my previous post, I've decided I really AM crazy! Ah well, all well laid plans...The beaded purse is a very slow knit, and this is all I have been able to manage (admittedly I haven't had a lot of knitting time this week):

Eight very pathetic rows...

Diana Started

Then there is Karis, and even though it is taking me a good deal of concentration, I've been enjoying it so far, HOWEVER, am thinking I might put this on ice until around August or September...I'll be more motivated to finish so I can wear it in Autumn! I really need something more mindless that I can pick up and work on while unwinding from work. What luck! Today while I was browsing around, I saw Wendy's kitty pi bed. Once I got home tonight, in keeping with my stash depletion efforts, I burrowed around through various baskets & garbage bags (I know, I know) and pulled out some options. In came the stash inspector (seen here perusing the possibilities):

Stash Inspector

We she decided to use these:

Kitty Pi Bed yarn

Some bulky yarn I ordered from, and a ball of Tahki Bunny for a trim. I originally purchased the handpainted yarn with some mittens and a hat in mind, but the colours were not quite as I expected. Lovely & soft, and still great colours, but not for my mittens.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I Must Be(ad) Crazy....

Clapotis is finished! Woo Hoo! I haven't woven the ends yet, and I do want to give it a light blocking, so photos at a later date. What next? Here are the ingredients for my next project:

Purse Kit

It's a beaded purse (Diana) from purse paradise. I am desperately trying NOT to buy more yarn at the moment, so am working on projects I already have yarn for. I bought this kit a while ago, and decided it will be a relatively mindless knit to balance out Karis, who has been laguishing in the bottom of my bag for sometime now. The good thing about the purse is, as it is knitted on #000 needles, I won't be able to knit continuously for too long, as I'll develop a clawed hand. The theory, therefore, is that I will be forced to pick up Karis to give my hands a break. I've only experimented briefly with beads before, once on one of the trims from Rowan mag 36, and then some wrist cuffs like this one, which I really enjoyed...

Beaded Cuff

I started the cuffs after seeing the gorgeous patterns by Susanna at Acorn Street Shop. Quick & fun to knit, and a good intro to beading. We'll see how I feel after starting the purse!

PS: Apologies for the terrible post title!