Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cranky Bunny...

It is cold and very dark and grey outside today...apparently snow tonight, Monday & Tuesday, although how much I'm not sure. Anyway, good weather to stay inside for the most part. Went and ran some errands this morning, then home to do some cleaning. Managed to finish a couple of projects. First up, the Latifa scarf (aka ruffles) which has been finished for some time, but I finally finished weaving in the ends this week while watching telly.


And a close up- colours are not good as it was taken at night...I need some help wtih the digi camera!

Latifa Close Up

Secondly, the Bunny. Sewed his face on yesterday, but think he looks quite angry. Possibly feeling some Bilby heat?


Finally, Monica's Christmas present. I sewed this with some stuff left over from lining purses. This is why I hate making things without patterns. I am soooo bad at getting things square. Anyway, it is for her to keep her knitting acoutrements in. Of course, back in November, I bought a tin of knitters hand balm, which I was going to slip inside. I was convinced I had put it in my present box, but of course, tried to find it half an hour ago, and it is nowhere to be found!

Monica's Pressie

And the lining...

Monica's Pressie Lining

Well, that is it for this week...have a good Monday!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Short Row Project not Short Enough!!

Here's the progress on the spiral scarf, as modelled by Missy. I started this so I could practice short rows, and practice I have. It is supposed to be something ridiculous like 7 ft long. I've finished one ball of wool, and have a second one to go. I've decided that it will be however long that makes it, as I don't think I can stand the monotony any longer! And Mum, if you read this, I know what you're thinking, and YES, it is warmer than you think!!

Missy with Spiral Scarf

In an effort to relieve the boredom of the short rows, I have started Karis, from Rowan Magazine 36. I think know this will be a slow project, so if I am wearing it next Christmas, we shall consider it a success- OK?

I'm using Kid Silk Haze, colour Liqueur. Here are the first two repeats of the collar:

Karis Begins

Monday, February 21, 2005

Not So Secret Any More....

Well, finally, here it is...a felted bag knitted in the 'Domino' style, following Vivian Hoxbro's pattern which you'll find at the bottom of this page. I'm really kicking myself, as I had taken the obligatory 'before' photo prior to tossing it in the washing machine. After downloading, I deleted the images from the camera, before doublechecking they had downloaded know the rest. Oh well, a mistake you only make once (hopefully)...Here is the finished product:

Domino Bag

I am hoping to add some decorative buttons, like they have on the pattern will be a little while until I can get to the shops, and see if they have something that would look good. If I find some, I'll post another picture. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this, and learning the new technique.This is more of a trial run- I used yarn I had on hand, as it was my first project using the mitered squares, and I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Well, I do, and am planning on making a slightly modified version using these colours:

Jaeger Spring Colours

I'd like to make a couple of different sizes- one longer, and not as high, and another a little bigger...I think the style lends itself really well to a laptop bag, with a few modifications...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Finishing Days....

Well, a very productive weekend, and it is only 11am on Sunday morning! Decided I was going to pull out all stops to get some projects finished (really finished, not just off the needles). A lot of them involved felting, so I only have one lot of photos to show right now. I have finally finished my first Bags by Mags bag...the bag has been off the needles and felted for a LONG time now, but I finally sewed on the clasp, and button, and then made my own lining. The pattern doesn't call for lining, but I like it, and think it helps give it a finished look. What do you think?

The lining..


Detail of button & clasp...

Button & Clasp Detail

Finished product...

Bags by Mags

Other projects I got done were the Bags by Mags baguette bag (currently sitting on the radiator drying off), the secret project (!!!), also currently drying off. Photos of that as soon as I get the buttons on...I can't wait to show you. The llama also got another felting/fulling. He is dry now, but being the [sometime] virgoan perfectionist I am, I want to give him one more dunking. Instead of putting him in the machine, I tried it by hand in the kitchen sink, and think it is working much better. He is a hard one, because of the light coloured wool. I've also nearly finished (FINALLY) a belated Christmas pressie for Monica. Photos of that it is off for brunch at the Nugget, followed by a trip to Arcadia :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Day Two on the Blog...

I need to start finishing some of the projects that I have on the go, instead of fiddling and faffing around with the setting for this blog...

Here's a picture of Kate Gilbert's bunny pattern and the yarn I'm using. I downloaded it late one night when I really wanted to knit, but nothing in the stash or library appealed to me. I remembered that I had seen this, and had the yarn. I've almost finished, he's just waiting for me to apply his face before he'll be photographed...this was fun and quick to knit...i love seeing how toy patterns come together.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Welcome to the pink llama

Hello! Well, as you can see, I've made some changes...let me know what you think. I am still fine tuning the colours, and I couldn't get exactly the font I wanted for the logo piece, so I'm still working on that....still, you get the idea. Thought I should put up a photo of what I've been working on...this is the spiral scarf from scarf style. What do you think?
Spiral Scarf