Sunday, September 24, 2006

More progress...

Too long between posts at the moment...I guess that's what happens when you've only one project on the go. I've only fairly boring progress to show. I've finished the back and both side panels. I'd also made a good dent in the left front, although I've decided to start again on that one, as I miscalculated the decreases on the ribbing. I kept knitting because I thought I'd just compensate during the stockign stitch to the armhole decrease. But, I decided the next day that I'd be better off just starting again- I wasn't sure I could make the same miscalculations on the right front...anyway, here it is:

K1 Progress....

Other than that, not much else being achieved craft-wise here at the moment. The weather has turned a little colder here, so I've gotten the gourds out a little early. Here they are, along with this weekend's sole purchase...some vintage ribbon.


Monday, September 11, 2006


Here's the progress so far on 'Project Acrylic':

K1 Cardi

Maybe I shouldn't call it that- not really giving it a head start at all, am I? I'm, ready to start the armhole shaping on the back. I've also just finished one side panel, which I had to start while I was awaiting adjudication from the officials on a pattern question. Not quite as much knitting as I would have liked this past week, but hopefully I'll make a dent this week.

and just for something fun...pick the odd one out in my nearly still life....

Nearly still life...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Changing my ways...

As I am currently under a self imposed ‘no extras’ budget in preparation for an upcoming holiday, my stash enhancement activities are severely (if not completely) curtailed. I’ve finished up a number of WIPS/UFOs that have been languishing in the basket for awhile, and have plans for a few others (mainly sewing) that will use up stash. BUT, I really need a knitting project that I can work on in from of the telly, without too much thought. And, instead of all the useless (albeit cute & fun) toys and knick-knacks I’ve made in the past, maybe it would be nice to make something for myself. Something I can wear. I’ve got plans for the ribby cardi, the go-with-everything cardigan, the circle sunrise jacket and the Indian summer jacket. All of them require an outlay on some decent yarn…maybe not anything too serious (I found some cheap tweed online in cones for the ribby cardi) but with shipping etc etc it adds up. Anyway, I was clearing up the piles of magazine on Saturday, and came across Knit 1. I’m not so keen on this magazine, not an awful lot in there that I would wear, but you know, one or two patterns in each issue that I think “Maybe I’ll make that with some [insert any-other-brand-but-Lion-Brand yarn here] one day”. Well, budgetary constraints can force you to change your tune pretty quick. As I procrastinated during the reorganizing magazine exercise by flicking through those mags, I came across this cardigan:

Work Cardigan...Trial Project

I thought the design was cute, perfect for Autumn & Winter in my ridisculously over-air-conditioned office. So, my curiousity was piqued. Off I trotted to the local Pearl store, to buy the requisite [yes, acrylic] yarn. Now, while I think kermit is kind of cool, and his skin colour is perfectllysuited to him...not so good on me. So I settled for 'Oxford Grey'. the best option for my work wardrobe- think it will look really cute over a white shirt and black or greay pants/skirt, as well as a singlet top and jeans. and here it first foray into manmade fibre:

Trial Yarn

8 balls for the grand total of $23.17 including tax. Wish me luck!